Fixing Electricity, the Malagasy Way

While it may be possible to eschew such base resources as water, or food, there is one indispensable source of life: Electricity. At least for a CyberShaman.

Now how can one proceed, if a dry spell has cut access to this absolutely vital electricity for more than a whole day?

Easy, one opens the fuse box by breaking the sealed nails and uses pincers to mess with the power cords until electricity is back.

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But in all seriousness, one should consider, if environmental pollution is not a problem caused by decadence. If we look at Madagascar, a rather poor country, expensive resources are treated with much more care. For example, the local taxi fleet consists mainly of catrelles, because they are light and don't use too much fuel. In fact, when driving downhill, taxi drivers usually turn off their engines to save fuel.

When expensive resources are concerned, poverty certainly encourages conservation. Unfortunately, this does not translate to less precious or less tangible resources - for example, natural diversity. These are not a priority, and are consequently not really conserved. But how can we find a golden path in the middle of both extremes?

Oh, and don't forget to donate radiators! The below video explains why.

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