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Review: Ghost in the Shell

It is positively amazing, how Hollywood manages to re-enact most of the scenes from the original Japanese animation, yet utterly misses the key themes and questions asked by the original. The movie is about as successful in capturing essence of the source material, as a Hollywood movie for Shakespear's Hamlet would be. In the middle of such a movie, the protagonist would say to his assembled followers: "To fight, or not to fight, that is the question", a scene which would be followed by Hamlet grabbing ahold of a sword and a bible, banishing an army of ghosts in a glorious battle, and then returning to have a happily ever after with his lover. Entertaining, sure, but not quite as interesting as a visit to the theater.Verdict: Avoid (and by that I mean to say: avoid it like the black plague). You are better of watching, or even re-watching the original Ghost in the Shell, or alternatively watching The Matrix, which draws some of its inspiriation from Ghost in the Shell. I…

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